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Söderberg & Partners help individuals and companies make well-founded decisions in matters that affect their finances — and their lives.

With an increased number of services, they were in need of an updated visual identity. An identity that keeps the experience consistent and clear, and that emphasizes their personal approach and warmth. And a new digital experience on all markets.

S&P Colors 1
S&P Colors 2

A new accent, Coral, brings warmth and attitude to an otherwise more conservative palette. In a visually rather homogeneous industry, it also helps Söderberg & Partners stand out from the crowd.


Imagery is of three categories: clients' everyday life, the business and employee portraits. All displaying the authenticity, personal approach and warmth of Söderberg & Partners.

S&P Typography & illustrations

A new bold typography makes type a graphic element on its own, speaking with a confident and clear voice.

A more sparse use of functional icons is complemented by brand-colored guiding illustrations.

S&P Typography

Leaving the all-white back­grounds, embracing the entire color palette, makes for a more characteristic design language and adds dynamics to otherwise identical content.

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