Martin Rosell and Aspia


Digital Identity
Design System
Web Service
Art Direction
Graphic Design

Aspia MyBusiness is a business platform for entrepreneurs and SMEs. A platform that facilitates administration and supports you in taking your business to the next level.

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MyBusiness Dashboard

The Dashboard is all about getting an overview of the current status of your business. The UI guides you to what needs your attention, and your Aspia advisors are just a message away.

MyBusiness Dashboard
MyBusiness Invoices
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MyBusiness Business
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Aspia Radio/Checkbox
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Powering the UI is a complete Design System, documenting and guiding the design, and paving way for an efficient and consistent design process. Each component is linked directly to the actual Sketch symbol, as well as the coded component in the Style Guide.

MyBusiness Messages
MyBusiness Invoices
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